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Your website is your first impression, the face of your business to the world. It needs to attract your ideal client, capture their attention, and guide them to make an inquiry. We understand that building or revamping a website can be overwhelming to navigate. We also know that many entrepreneurs may not be able to afford to hire someone to create an entire site for them, or may just want to build your own- but you don’t want to spend your valuable time learning to be a web designer!

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Start with one of our WordPress themes to get you off the ground running to a website that perfectly reflects your brand. Our themes are not just highly customizable, but also fast, unlike many other photography themes on the market. Start with our free video library to help you get started, then check out our library of available page and block templates to add even more custom content to your site. Still need help? You can hire us to fill in the gaps and get you over the finish line to a ready to go website!

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Is It Possible To Start A Business Accidentally?

That seems to be what we did! We are a husband and wife team, who combined our individual talents and businesses into one. With our formal education in technology and backgrounds as creative entrepreneurs, we were in a unique situation of being in contact with lots of *other* creative entrepreneurs who needed services in the areas we specialized in: web development, web presence, photography, and music.

We started out on a case by case basis as people came to us for help, and have now formed SummerLyn Studios as its own entity to provide technology and creative services for other entrepreneurs.

Carissa & Robert

Exceeded My Expectations

WOW! Thank you Carissa you exceeded all my expectations and the finished product is even better then I imagined. You were so great at understanding my ideas and completing my deliverables. You are one smart lady that puts a lot of love and care in your work for your clients. Thank you for an exceptional job and amazing customer service as building a website is so daunting and hardwork. I had originally purchased my own website theme and planned to do on my own then realised I needed help from a professional . So happy I got your epic services . I would highly recommend Carissa to anyone . 12 out of 10.
Charlotte Piho

Tips, Tricks & Guides

How Much Will My WordPress Site Cost?

This is one of the questions I get asked the most often. With website builders, all your costs are rolled together and you pay one monthly fee- with a hosted WordPress site, it’s less straightforward. So let’s break down the costs: – Your domain name. You may already have one, but if not, this is…
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Let’s Talk about Backups

If there is one thing that has been hammered into my mind in 12 years of working in IT… backups! You almost never hear about backups, except the devastating results when they *don’t* exist. Although it is getting easier and more common to do your own backups, there do seem to be some gaps in…
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