Raw & Refined WordPress Theme

  • Raw & Refined is a bold, earthy and FAST child theme for the WordPress Kadence theme. It is geared towards photographers but flexible enough to be used for many other purposes!

Want to add these on?

Theme Specific Information


  • WordPress Site Version 5.5 or higher
  • Kadence Theme (free)
  • Kadence Blocks Plugin (free)
  • Starter Templates by Kadence WP (free)

Theme Specific Notes:

  • Does NOT require Kadence Blocks Pro
  • All pages AMP valid other than Contact Page & Galleries
  • Starter Templates by Kadence WP (free)


  • Home, About, Contact, Experience, Thank You (newsletter or form confirmation), Product Guide, Blog Pages
  • 2 Gallery styles (with ability to add more)
  • Demo content to use as a visual guide as you add your own content
  • 30 days of support, plus install guides and Youtube tutorial library

Did you think photography websites could only be beautiful OR fast?

SummerLyn Studios WordPress Templates are built exclusively on the Kadence theme, and are designed to be fast* and lightweight (go ahead and speed test the demo!), while still reflecting the aesthetic and feel of your brand. Use the theme as-is and add your words and images, or use it as a starting point and use the Kadence blocks to further customize or add new content to any page. Change the site to use your branding colors, add your logo, and customize to your heart’s desire!

All of our templates are AMP-compliant for the home page and blog pages at minimum, and each listing will detail specifically which pages are. Install the WordPress AMP plugin and be ready to go!

*Demo sites are hosted on Cloudways, and have minimal plugins installed. Your results will vary depending on your exact setup.

Things to Love

  • Fully mobile responsive- works on any device size
  • Uses WordPress Gutenberg Blocks to build layouts
  • Easy to follow install guide and walkthrough videos
  • Includes re-usable blocks of every page layout to easily create new posts or pages

Fully Customizable