Silhouette Actions (for Photoshop)



Introductory offer only $15! 4 Different Silhouette looks, plus 2 helper actions!

  • Basic Silhouette: To help you give an extra finishing pop to a silhouette that already has good contrast and tones
  • Dramatic Contrast Silhouette: For a silhouette that needs an extra boost
  • Matte Silhouette: A basic silhouette finish with a matte overlay- use on its own or on top of one of the other actions
  • Make Me a Silhouette: For those times you couldn’t get a light source directly behind your subject, and need some addition separation between the subject and background. Also a great setup to add a sky overlay.
  • Extra Sky Lighten: An extra pop of light for your sky or background
  • Spot Darken: Brush on any spots in the silhouette that need some extra darkening light light colored clothes)

The file downloaded is a zip file. Extract the zip file, then load the action file into Photoshop, If you need instructions on how to load actions, check out this article:

Looking for help learning to shoot silhouettes? Check out our silhouette guide for tips and tricks to learnt the best ways to be successful with your silhouettes!



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