Client Status Tracker Notion Template


Keep track of the details of all your business projects with ease! Use as a standalone template, or integrate with your CRM to automatically create a new entry for each project you create. Create a detailed list of all the steps you take with each client, and be able to see an overview of exactly what is done and what isn’t for each client. It’s the perfect complement to your existing CRM workflow system!

After purchasing you’ll receive a video with instructions and a link to your template.

This template requires a free account with and you’ll receive a video walkthrough to create an account if you don’t have one- no prior Notion knowledge is required.

Want to make sure you never drop the ball with a client? Use this detailed checklist to make sure you follow the same process with each person, and track exactly what stage each open project is in.

-Walkthrough video of how to integrate with your CRM, to automatically create an entry for every project you start

-Automatic Status field updates to any status you define based on what tasks are completed

-Use Notion relationships to link it with any existing Project or Task databases you already have

Things to Love

  • Use it in a browser or the Notion app on your phone
  • Keep your CRM uncluttered by creating an external detailed checklist that’s easy to view and update
  • Easy to follow install guide and walkthrough videos

Fully Customizable


Update the colors in the template to better match your brand


Easily customize the checkbox fields to fit the process you follow for your business


Add your logo as the icon, and change the header images on any page as well as the favorite images slider on the dashboard