So, what exactly do we do?

We help you find and setup all the right tools to help your business run more smoothly, efficiently, and with less work from you!

Some examples of services we offer

Looking for something different or not on the list? Let us know anyway and we can probably help!

-Custom website builds on WordPress, start to finish

-Fix issues or add new pages (any website platform)

-Custom dashboards to help you feel organized and keep everything in one place

-Suggestions and setup for file storage, email services, archiving, and more

-Form creation (email templates, contracts, questionnaires, proposals, etc)

-Workflow creation to automate as much of your process as possible

-Branding setup: add your email signature, colors, fonts, etc

-Email list creation and advice on the best platform for you

-Integration with your contact forms to add users to your list

-Email newsletter template creation and campaigns

-Set up schedulers in your CRM, Calendly, Acuity etc so your clients can book with you on their own

-Create appointment options for your different services or sessions

-Embed your scheduler into your website or social media

-Set up a shop on your WordPress site

-Create a Shopify shop as standalone or integrate into your website

-Set up a standalone e-commerce or booking reservation site

Some examples:

-Sync contacts from your CRM, ecommerce store, course or more to your email list

-Add ecommerce orders to a spreadsheet for tracking

-Create new projects in a project software based on contacts in your CRM

-Create shipments in a shipping tool based on ecommerce orders

So much more!

-Learn how to use any of the above tools with a one on one class via Zoom that’s recorded for your reference