Ultimate Photography Business Organizer


Are you ready to feel organized? The Ultimate Photography Business Organizer will be your one stop shop for everything related to your business! Track your branding information, important documents, notes, goals, things to do & to buy, locations you use, and more! 

After purchasing you’ll receive a video with instructions and a link to your template.

This template requires a free account with Notion.io and you’ll receive a video walkthrough to create an account if you don’t have one- no prior Notion knowledge is required.

Organize everything about your photography business and save yourself valuable time! This dashboard does it all- from a repository to things you need to reference often (hashtags, brand colors & fonts, social links, email templates) to a full organizer and digital notebook:

-Categorized notes

-Track goals & education

-Plan blog & social media posts

-List any equipment or gear you own, or want to buy

-Track all the products you offer and associated costs, as well as listing photo labs and pricing to help you make the right choices about what products to offer and pricing them

-Archive any important documents for easy reference

-List all the locations you use or want to try, and any important information about them

Things to Love

  • Use it in a browser or the Notion app on your phone
  • Keep everything about your business in one place for easy reference
  • Easy to follow install guide and walkthrough videos

Fully Customizable