Revamp Your Website

10 Easy and FREE Steps to Improve Your Photography Website and Start Booking Your Dream Clients

Ok, so you have a website…

It’s the start of a new year. A time for reflecting, setting goals, starting fresh. It may even be a slower season for you, especially if you’re a photographer in a colder climate.

It’s the perfect time to spend some time on your website!

You probably have a website, right? Maybe you only made the bare minimum or maybe you labored over it and absolutely love it, but is it working FOR you? When clients contact you from your site, are they well qualified and understand what you offer? Or are you frustrated because the information is *there* but no one ever seems to read it?

Let me make a guess. It’s been a while since you actually updated your website. You get frustrated when you try, and it feels overwhelming. You have so many other pressing things to do that it’s never the priority. And when you d0, you get stuck on updating the details rather than looking at the big picture: How a brand new client sees it, and is guided by it. Am I close?

I get it, I promise

Here’s my confession: I was a web developer long before I became a photographer. In fact I knew even as a kid that I wanted to be a programmer, but for many years I struggled with maintaining my own website and maximizing the potential to grow my business and reach prospective clients.

Once I finally took the time to evaluate, make a plan and execute it, it was a game changer.

It was easier to get the clients I had been yearning to work with. I wasn’t spending as much time answering questions for my new leads, they already knew. I had people coming to me for ME, because they resonated with my style and what I offered. It made running my business a joy.

As a web developer, I had all of the tools I needed to update my own photography site, once I decided to

I’ve worked with dozens of photographers on their websites over the years, and I understand how frustrated and overwhelmed so many feel when it comes to their website. I realize the need for instructions that are written and understood by anyone, without requiring you to be tech-savvy!

I’ve taken everything I use to evaluate my own site, and my clients’ sites, and developed a 10 step guide for you to follow. Whether or not you built it yourself, this guide will help you maximize your existing website and start booking your dream clients!

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This guide will help you:

  • Update your website in smaller, actionable, and easy to understand steps
  • Develop a schedule and list of things to check in on to make sure your website is always functioning properly
  • Make simple design choices to create a cohesive look that presents your brand & style
  • Choose elements to add to build prospective customers’ confidence in you
  • Dive into discovering your pain points that your website currently isn’t addressing
  • Find resources if you’re ready to do a deeper dive on advanced topics

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