Thank you for purchasing a SummerLyn Studio Kadence child theme! Wondering what to do next? Read below for video walkthroughs, more resources, and where to get support.

Check the listing! All Kadence Child themes require Kadence Blocks Plugin, and some require Kadence Blocks Pro (your listing will indicate if it does), so ensure you have those plugins installed on your site before adding your child theme. You will also need the Kadence Starter Templates plugin. If you need help, here is their support page on installations:

The basic setup steps are:

-Install required plugins (Kadence Blocks (possibly Pro) and Kadence Starter Templates, as well as the Kadence Theme (but don’t activate the Theme)

-Install the Child Theme (Themes > Add New and upload it) and Activate it

-Import the demo content under Appearance > Starter Templates

-Configure your site settings under Appearance >Customizer (colors, fonts, header, footer, etc)

-Add content to your pages under Pages > Edit

All of these steps are explained in detail in the video below.

The following video will walk you through installing and configuring your Kadence child theme. My Youtube channel also has other videos about WordPress in general, as well as Kadence blocks.

Your child theme comes with 30 days of support for bug fixes only. After that time, you can reach out to Kadence support: or try posting in the WordPress Support Forums or even hire someone on WPFixIt.

My “convert to regular blocks” button doesn’t work! If you click the button and nothing happens- first click the Edit button, then hit Save, then try the convert button again, that should fix your problem (Note: this seems to have been fixed in WP 5.7)

My images have a space under them and aren’t lining up correctly. If you need to fix the bottom padding on your images, here is a CSS snippet for that. Where to add it will vary by theme, but it’s often under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

.wp-block-image { margin-bottom: 0em; }

My URLs don’t look like the demo, or have “index.php” in them: This may be set up differently depending on your WordPress install. Under Settings ? Permalinks you can change the url structure if you’d like.