Thank you for purchasing the SummerLyn Studio Kadence Cloud block collections! Wondering what to do next? Read below for video walkthroughs, more resources, and where to get support.

Ensure you have the Kadence blocks plugin installed and up to date. If you need help, here is their support page on installations:

See below for a detailed walkthrough video. In your Post or Page, you’ll see a “Design Library” button at the top of the page. Click that, and then the + sign. Your Cloud library URL will be in the listing you purchased from, as well as your purchase confirmation email. Your license key will be in your purchase confirmation email as well. Put those in and connect and you’re done! You’ll see a new tab in the design library for the collection you purchased.

The following video will walk you through connecting to and using your Kadence cloud block collection. My Youtube channel also has other videos about WordPress in general, as well as Kadence blocks.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, you can reach out to Kadence support:, the Kadence Facebook group (if you aren’t in here already you should be!) ,or try posting in the WordPress Support Forums or even hire someone on WPFixIt.

My images have a space under them and aren’t lining up correctly. If you need to fix the bottom padding on your images, here is a CSS snippet for that. Where to add it will vary by theme, but it’s often under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

.wp-block-image { margin-bottom: 0em; }