Workbook: Revamp Your Website 10 Easy – and Free- Steps to Improve Your Photography Website and Start Booking Your Dream Clients


This is the workbook that accompanies the free guide to Revamp Your Website.  The guide will walk you through on what you should be doing to maintain your website and make sure everything is functioning correct, and never miss a contact from a lead again! It’ll also help you work through how to match the message of your site to your brand’s message and aesthetic, and make sure your website is representing you the best way possible, as well as being accessible and easy to understand for your potential clients.

The workbook has interactive and customizable checklists, spots to brainstorm, and ways to answer all the questions that are asked here. If you’re serious about making your website work for you, this is what you need!

After purchasing you’ll receive a video with instructions and a link to your template.

This template requires a free account with and you’ll receive a video walkthrough to create an account if you don’t have one- no prior Notion knowledge is required.

-Checklists for weekly check-in tasks

-Checklists for any recommended tasks to look through or update your website

-Spots to brainstorm about your ideal clients, and what you want to communicate to them

-Customizable lists so you can add in your own website pages you want to make changes to

-Hold yourself accountable to complete all the tasks and make sure you’re making the most of your website to attract and book your dream clients!

Things to Love

  • Use it in a browser or the Notion app on your phone
  • Reset your checklists so you can use them over and over
  • Easy to follow install guide and walkthrough videos